As a user-driven company, with user representation in around 200 countries, DPN seeks to promote new digital products with a focus on the fintech and digital media industries. Introducing CleverDo, an app that will change the way many people do their banking and business around the world. CleverDo Payment Technologies Ltd. is the creator of the CleverDo financial app and is based in Canada. Originally, the primary goal for CleverDo was to cater to the fast-growing mobile wallet client base in South Africa and other nearby expanding markets. It is now growing its reach on a global level and therefore a great match for us at DPN and our users. We joined forces with Cleverdo to embark on a journey towards a successful long-term collaboration with a truly innovative company.

DPN is excited to form this alliance with CleverDo, and provide our users with the novel opportunity to use an up-and-coming digital finance product with many new features in the pipeline. We share CleverDo’s vision for a bright future in personal digital finance solutions. And we look forward to seeing our partnership bloom and increase the value of DPN and continue to provide our users with valid and useful services.

Together with CleverDo, we offer our users the opportunity to:

  • Get a virtual IBAN account for income to be paid into and make and receive payments, to and from, countries all over the world.
  • Transfer money using CleverPay for instant transactions with family and friends using the CleverDo App.
  • Use a personal QR code for making and receiving payments.


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For more information about the CleverDo app check out this link: 

Please note: Currently the CleverDo app is only available by invitation. Please join the DPN mailing list to stay up to date when we open it up to new users.

Our Customer Support teams remain at your disposal should you have any questions or need more information.

CleverDo FAQs               DPN FAQs


Need help downloading the app? Contact Cleverdo Customer Support:
Need help with your DPN account? Contact DPN Customer Support:

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